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Maison la Belle Vie offers a wonderful tasting experience and a rustic, elegant tasting room. A visit to Maison la Belle Vie would not be complete without a tasting experience. If you would like to bring a group of at least 10 people with you and want to have an amazing dinner with great wine, give Maison la Belle Vie a call.

There are a number of wines available including a Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Rosé, and Muscat – a dessert wine that is traditional in the Loire Valley of France. Small batches of Reserve wines such as Merlot, Syrah, and Petit Verdot as well as the famous Vin de Peche are also available. The Vin de Peche is a wine made from a Muscat grape and peaches, a delightful recipe from Mr. Barbier’s family that has been handed down through the generations since the late 1800s. A new addition to Maison la Belle Vie is a handcrafted walnut wine fortified and aged for six years.

Coming to Maison la Belle Vie would not be complete without tasting the amazing wine that is produced by the winery. With years of experience and expertise in winemaking, John Barbier and Maison la Belle Vie is sure to impress any wine lover!

If you’re looking for an amazing food and wine experience, ask about the Charcuterie board. This includes a variety of cold meats, cheese, olives, hummus, fruits, chocolate, and bread. For two people, it is $35.00 and for four people, it is $60.00.

MONDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p
TUESDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p
WEDNESDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p
THURSDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p
FRIDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 8p Burger Night: 5p - 8p
SATURDAY 11a - 6p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p
SUNDAY 11a - 5p Charcuterie: 11a - 5p Brunch: 10a - 2p

3 free pours per person or 5 pours for $5
Groups of 8 people or more: 5 pours for $5
[$5 tasting fee waived with the purchase of a bottle of wine]

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